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Acoustic Bass Lessons

Acoustic Bass Lessons

The Music Academy of Garden City is proud to be one of the only private music schools that offers both upright and electric bass, with instructors who specialize in jazz and classical music. Students enrolled in upright bass lessons at the Music Academy of Garden City all learn proper left hand technique, and correct bow technique. Our instructors specialize in both German and French bow grip, and use a variety of methods including Simandl and Bille. Although we encourage all upright bass students to begin with classical training in order to build a good foundation, our more advanced students also study jazz bass, including walking bass line construction, improvising and even learn how to transcribe music from recordings.

Students enrolled as electric bassists at the Music Academy of Garden City also learn to read music with an emphasis on music theory. In addition, bass students learn to improvise, construct walking bass lines, and learn rock, blues and pop music.

Music Academy of Garden City upright and electric bass instructors are also experts in NYSSMA preparation. Each year MAGC students participate in NYSSMA festivals and receive outstanding scores in every level and genre. Our faculty members have been preparing students for success in NYSSMA since 2006.

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