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We went to great lengths and spared no expense in building the optimal learning environment for our students. From the quadruple layer walls which dampen sound bleed between rooms to our new acoustic pianos, we made sure that the Music Academy is the optimal environment to study music.

Our main campus features nine sound proof lesson rooms, all with a large viewing window for parents to observe their child's lesson if they wish. Besides this, our facility was designed up to code and is a safe, clean space for students and their parents.

We also have our own performance and rehearsal space, the Creative Arts Center, which is located six doors north of our main campus at 20 Nassau Blvd South. This space is home to many of our programs and used for everything from concerts to master classes and even photo shoots. The space features a stage area with velvet curtains, sound system, and a Yamaha Studio Upright Piano.

If you would like to make an appointment to tour our facilities and speak with us about our programs and services, please give us a call at 516-292-2777. We are happy to help!


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