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Musical Theatre at the Music Academy



Fall 2018:

THE LION KING JR., Presented by the Music Academy of Garden City Theatre Players


We are pleased to announce that theatre classes will now take place in our new Creative Arts Center, located at 20 Nassau Blvd. This large space has ample room to sing, dance and act, and will also be used as a performance space. 

New and Exciting Musical Theatre Updates

Our Mission

  • Fulfill a need on Long Island for a comprehensive musical theatre education
  • Create well-rounded performers who are also accomplished musicians
  • Provide many performance opportunities including recitals, master classes and musicals
  • Prepare students for professional auditions on and off of Broadway
  • Instill a love for theatre in kids and their families
  • Deliver the same high standard of education to our theatre program that we have brought to music education over the past decade

About Our Program

Musical Theatre at the Music Academy is Long Island's premier musical theatre program. It was designed from the ground up to provide a comprehensive education and many unique opportunities that other theatre programs do not offer. 

Students enrolled in our program participate in the following:

  • Weekly Small Group Rehearsal
    Rehearsals are the core of our musical theatre program. Each week throughout the school year, students meet under the direction of our world-class faculty for 50 minutes. Classes cover many topics including diction and basic IPA skills, scene study, monologue training, building a repertoire, song and character analysis, audition technique and etiquette, improvisation, vocal and acting technique, the use of active verbs, musical theatre history, and reading a musical score. In addition, students also rehearse for upcoming performances at this time.
  • Fall Musical & Spring Scenes Recital
    Students will participate in a fully staged musical during the Fall semester, and a scenes recital in the spring. Our shows are held at Hofstra University's Monroe Theatre, and have a live pit band, professional lighting and staging, costumes and props, and background projections. 
  • Exclusive Master Classes and Talent Agent Days for Theatre Students
    Throughout the year, master classes will be held where students can perform in front of an audience and receive feedback from industry professionals. In 2018, we will welcome Nic Rouleau, the star of Broadway's, "The Book of Mormon." Nic will conduct a master class and Q&A for our students and their parents. In addition, this year we will have a representative from Carson Adler Agency (one of Manhattan's premier talent agencies for kids) hold a "Talent Day" exclusively for our students. The day will include auditions, in which students have the opportunity to be signed by the agency, followed by a master class. 
  • Summer Day Camps & Musical
    This July, we will hold two summer camps. Students enrolled in each camp will perform in a fully staged musical. 
  • Headshot Day and Video Recording Services
    Each student enrolled in our theatre program participates in a bi-yearly Headshot Day, where they have their photo taken by a professional photographer and experience what a real photoshoot for a performer is like. The photographer knows exactly the kind of photo these performers need, and teaches them techniques that will help them each time they step behind a camera. We also offer Self Tape services, and a full video production service which includes videos for auditions, college pre-screenings, and online resumes. In short, our program is truly comprehensive in every sense of the word.
See our brochure here.Musical Theatre at the Music Academy

Our Core Values

The core values of our program dictate how we teach and why. Each part of the program has been specifically designed to accomplish our goal of creating well-rounded performers. The values of our program are:

A Proper Music Education which includes sight-reading, theory skills, and learning to read from a musical score and sheet music, as a Broadway performer must. It also includes Correct Vocal Technique, which means maintaining a healthy voice with healthy vocal and breathing skills, as well as crystal diction and great vowel placement . These aspects will be explored through extensive, age-appropriate repertoire.

Clear Diction and basic IPA skills which help form a strong foundation for speaking and singing in a performance setting. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a neutral bank of consonant and vowel sounds used by performers.

Historical Context is the perspective gained by thoroughly understanding musical theatre of past and present. There is a vast world of musicals, and knowing the traditional repertoire in addition to more modern shows is essential for each student’s musical theatre education.

Aural Skills are crucial for soloists and ensemble performers while performing in a group setting. Being able to sing your own line against other harmonies is essential to function in an ensemble.

Professionalism is the importance of conducting oneself in a certain manner when auditioning, rehearsing, and performing. From Long Island to Broadway, this principle applies. Students must learn to work as a team and always retain a positive attitude.


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