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First Steps in Music for 0-4 Year Olds

First Steps in Music for 0-4 Year Olds

Saturday mornings at 10AM and 11AM
Introductory Class is FREE

Studies have shown that children who are exposed to music at an early age (between 0 - 4 years old), have a much easier time absorbing and understanding music as they mature. This curriculum takes advantage of this mental "fertile ground" and places children on a lifelong substantive musical journey.

Unlike "Mommy and Me" programs, First Steps in Music has an extensive curriculum which is designed to build neural pathways in infants and toddlers which will allow them to succeed in music later on. Also unlike other programs where instructors may not have a music education degree and only require a few hours of training, our instructors are New York Certified Educators, and have undergone extensive training including full courses in First Steps in Music.

In the classes, children will:

• learn to sing comfortably and accurately using proven repertoire 

• develop an internal rhythmic sense by participating in movement activities

• learn to be expressive listeners who can respond to music in a deep way

A key aspect of the program is introducing students to Quality Literature. This means that each song is selected for its melodic, rhythmic and lyrical content. Just as one can only learn how to write at a high level by studying great literature, children exposed to excellent songs at an early age develop a much more sophisticated musical vocabulary. 

First Steps in Music at the Music Academy closes the music education gap from infancy to the age a child is ready for private lessons.  

 Please visit for more information about First Steps in Music.

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