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BOCES Arts in Education

The Music Academy is proud to be a BOCES Arts in Education Teaching Artist. In this role, we send instructors to local public schools to give clinics and performances. Our current program is below. If you would like to book us at your school, please or email us.

Presented by the Music Academy of Garden City Faculty Trio (Dr. Peter Coco, bass, Kevin B. Clark, guitar, and Dr. Chris Smith, drums), this workshop/performance dives deep into the cultural and musical history of America’s greatest art form, jazz. Using jazz standards as examples, the trio will demonstrate the evolution of jazz by performing a myriad of genres, all while connecting a cohesive cultural glue that focuses on the African American and European American influences which helped to shape jazz throughout the century.

 By performing live examples, students will learn about and hear many different styles, all contextualized with a specific performer or group. Some topics discussed will be the multi-culturalism of jazz, improvistation and jazz as a language, the history and evolution of the drum set, double bass/electric bass, and guitar, Latin influences on jazz music, jazz styles including swing, bebop, hard bop, etc., Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Swing feel, second line march beat, and more.

As we perform and talk about music, we will also discuss immigration and the influences that peoples from all around the world had on the development of jazz music.

Students will additionally have an opportunity to experience the music themselves, as we invite some up to try our instruments, and improvise with the band.

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